Order and delivery via Avito

There is another way to order and deliver goods via Avito.

1. You have selected a product in our online store and recorded its article number,

2. Sent a message to our phone +7 (901) 382-74-53 (possible via WhatsApp)

     Example of a message:

     I wanted to buy your product: A three-row pyramid belt 

      Product Code: Bel01

      In the quantity of 1 piece, for 600 rubles

3. After receiving your order, we will post this product in Avito and send a link to your phone number:



4. You entered this link in Avito and made a purchase of this product. In Avito, there is a condition for a secure transaction until you receive the goods in your hands at the Post Office or at Boxberry, the money will not be sent to us.


This method is safe, but it will be problematic to order several products at once.