The group was founded in 1999 in Moscow, Russia.

In 2001, it fell apart.

In 2015, she gathered again, but in Sevastopol.

The Satanist group was not originally a serious project, but was only a side activity of two people: Ahriman, who at that time was playing in the Ahura-Mazda Cyprus group, and Alexander Morgen, for whom this project was a reference point in the musical activities. As a separate group, Satanist begins in 1999. The musicians went on an experiment of sorts, having decided to record two demos at once, with a very hard sound and a heavy, oppressive atmosphere. All compositions are designed in the spirit of the early Abruptum and Judas Iscariot albums. These records (recorded on magnetic media) were never published and the group destroyed them.

In the same 1999, several more songs were recorded that attracted the attention of a small Greek label "Satana Records", specializing in the publication of true black metal bands.

The label, without thinking twice, collects new compositions and releases the first release called "Zoom Ritual", which brings the group some fame in rather narrow circles, the underground scene, of that time.

In early 2000, began concert activities in small clubs in Greece, which lasted until 2001.

In 2000, the group began to record a full-fledged album "Fuck Black Night", the work on which lasted until the end of 2001. On the eve of the release, the single "Fuck Division" went on sale, which was rather coolly received and sold in a small number of 500 copies.

Since 2002, musicians have been trying to find new themes, resulting in an unreleased album "Experiments with Religions".

I can't say that this work fully reflects black metal. Here the influence of the early Black Sabbath, Budgie and other heavy groups of the 70s is very noticeable.

By the end of the year, the group once again changes the style of performance and switches to a depressive, calm sound, changing its style in dark wave. This decision put an end to further development, the label producing exclusively black metal refused to promote other music, the contract was terminated and the band broke up. But after 13 years in April 2015, Ahriman and Tsar Yama, the former producer of the Satanist group, and now the drummer from the Tilak: Trance Yoga group, met in Sevastopol and discussed the possibility to reanimate the long-forgotten band. Then they found a little-known team The Delta Prince Fear in Sevastopol and acquired quite high-quality musicians - Dan Chermet and Kimmer. In mid-May, the group included keyboard player Astika from the previously disbanded group Arisk Priest. The producer again became Tsar Yama.


The early Satanist played in the style of black metal, then switched to darkwave and just before the collapse in 2002 to dark ambient. The new Satanist plays in the nu-metal style and already all the lyrics in Russian only, written by Amper Alex Nico. In their last work, they turned to the very topical issues of our time. The song "They Have Not Returned From The Flight" tells about the death of the A321 airliner over the Sinai Peninsula. The song "Golden Thoughts" on the actions of the crowd to the destruction of a person’s personality. Song "Devilish Calm - My Motherland!" about peace in society in this difficult economic time.


Studio albums

1999 - Zoom Ritual (Satana Records)

2000 - Fuck Division (Satana Records)

2001 - Fuck Black Night (Satana Records)

2015 - Двурогая звезда (Nebuchadnezza Records)

2016 - Two-Horted Star (Arisk Star)

2019 - Good Inna (Arisk Star)

2019 - Religion Devision Destroyer (Arisk Star)


2016 - Висячий .ад (with group Batterring Ram of Assyria) (Nebuchadnezza Records)


2015 - The Worse of (Nebuchadnezza Records)

2017 - The Worse of (Arisk Star)

Satanist - Good Inna

Satanist - Good Inna

Label: Arisk Star Company Ltd. Catalog#: ASCD0139 Genre: Black Metal Style: Noise&nbs..


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Satanist - Religion Devision Destroyer

Satanist - Religion Devision Destroyer

Label: Arisk Star Company Ltd.Catalog#: ASCD0141Genre: Black MetalStyle: NoiseCountry: UkraineFormat..


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T_shirt Satanist - The Worse of

T_shirt Satanist - The Worse of



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T_shirt Satanist - Two-horned star

T_shirt Satanist - Two-horned star

T_shirt ..


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